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Whether it’s the result of genes, a peculiar mindset, an ingrained pattern, or even an evolutionary variation, psychopathy is a very different and dangerous animal indeed.And according to De Becker, nature has given us the “gift of fear” (e.g., hair standing up on the back of our neck, uneasiness and queasy stomach, etc.) to alert us when we’re in the presence of a predator.So, as Hare notes, they’ve become intra-species predators (which is why in both of my books I suggest that the most appropriate descriptive label for these personalities is “predatory aggressive”).They’re also not killing each other off in great numbers in tribal wars.The “concordance” rate between twins reared apart for the various traits associated with APD, DPD, psychopathy and sociopathy is not strong enough to confirm a strictly genetic basis, but there can be no doubting a strong biologically-based predisposition.And one fairly recent study on monozygotic twins reared apart demonstrated that the biological predisposition toward empathy deficiency shows up even in children as young as 7 years old (see: ).And we have to remember, that given their predatory instincts, and the lack of dragons in our midst, if we’re not careful, they’ll prey on us.Some have suggested that psychopaths might rightfully be considered a different species because they’re so different with respect to the critical attributes that most of us think define us “human.” But there’s certainly no solid scientific foundation for that notion.

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So does that mean that the most seriously disordered characters among us – or for that matter, all disturbed characters – are simply born the way they are?While for some time I was nearly alone in the field, many other professionals are recognizing the broad continuum of character disturbance that plagues society these days.

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Books like Aziz Ansari's wrestled with our hookup-happy culture's "paradox of choice." Stock prices wavered. According to the doomsayers, men are swiping right with abandon, "ghosting," and dodging commitment. "Men have been taught to peacock and get our attention, especially in online communities that create this sense of urgency and aggression," says a representative from Bumble, a spin-off from one of Tinder's cofounders that nixes creepy pickup lines by letting women make the first move.… continue reading »

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